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Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Boob Job

Tyra Banks can’t avoid plastic surgery rumor. Like many other American celebrities, Tyra Banks is also rumored to getting beauty enhancement via plastic surgeon’s knife. Although Tyra tends to deny plastic surgery addressed to her, but it doesn’t stop the rumor.

Tyra Banks Nose Job

Tyra Banks Nose Job Before and After Picture

There are at least two procedures related to Tyra Banks plastic surgery. Nose job is the most known procedure of Tyra plastic surgery. Beside that, boob job is another procedure she may have.

So, has Tyra Banks had plastic surgery? Actually, 42-year-old American model and TV personality doesn’t admit it. She even said that she didn’t have plastic surgery. Tyra Banks indicated that she is all natural. However, for some people, changes on her nose and her boobs are hard to believe if coming from her gene.

Let’s see her nose. Tyra’s before and after plastic surgery pictures can help us. Well, we couldn’t deny that Tyra Banks before the allegedly nose job had bulbous nose. Her nose wing (ala of nose) looked big and wide. It’s different with hers today. Tyra Banks has much smaller shape on the nose wing. Bump on her nose tip decreased significantly.

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We can’t help, that alteration on her nose makes people believe that Tyra Banks may have had nose job. She may have visited nose specialist office to get Rhinoplasty (nose job) and fix her nose shape.

Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery

Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Another notable change can also be found on her boobs. As you might have guessed, some believe that Tyra Banks may have had boob job. The result of Banks’ breast augmentation is easy to see. As her pictures show us, she has bigger and rounder boobs compared to hers in the past.

However weight gain could affect it. And for her fans, that is reason behind her body and boobs change. For people who disagree with natural causes believe that boob job (possibly via breast implants) is the only correct answer for Tyra Banks breasts change suspicion.

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