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Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction Before After Pictures

Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery

Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Boob Job Before After Picture

Victoria Beckham plastic surgery reports have came to surface since about 1999. Reports said that sign of Victoria’s plastic surgery was first seen not too long after she gave birth to her first son, Brooklyn Joseph Beckham that year. She didn’t too open about her plastic surgery at first. Luckily, she then made her plastic surgery issue clear by admitting it.

Well, it took a few years for David Beckham’s wife to change her mind. So, what did she have? As she herself admitted, Victoria Beckham plastic surgery mainly involves her boobs. Yep, it’s just like what many people thought; boob job is the most possible procedure Victoria had. Victoria Beckham boob job, however, involved both breast augmentation and breast reduction procedures.

In Victoria Beckham Before and After plastic surgery picture we can see dramatic change on her boobs. She had flat chest when she was younger, which turned into fuller one before it then became flat again. This state is simply similar with Scarlett Johansson who takes the same procedures; breast augmentation, then breast reduction. What differs the two is its exact size.

Victoria Beckham was first reported change her A cup to bigger 34D cup in a clinic in London. We can see result of surgeon work clearly, the change is significant in the comparison photo. Everyone would think that such a drastic change is too unnatural coming from natural exercises. 41-year-old English businesswoman then must live with plastic surgery issue for years without admitting it.

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Then for some unknown reason, Victoria Beckham appeared with her real, flat chest. Her first breast reduction admission was recorded in 2011. And as cited from March 2014 issue of Allure magazine, she doesn’t have it anymore.

I think I may have purchased them. I don’t have them anymore. They got removed.”

Victoria Beckham’s surgery has become one of the most popular in celebrity plastic surgeries, makes her plastic surgery a hot topic to date. Well, although we appreciate her confession, but it doesn’t seem to stop Victoria Beckham plastic surgery report. At least there is one other procedure linked with her. Some plastic surgery experts see nose change on Mrs. Beckham.

Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery

Victoria Beckham Before and After Nose Job Photo

Did Victoria Beckham have nose job? Well, we may not sure about nose alteration on her but some believe she is highly possible embracing it. Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is said to be reason over her nose tip change. Nose bridge is also another part that touched by plastic surgeon’s knife. Again, her Before and After plastic surgery picture could help us to see the truth.

But unlike the clear boob job, Victoria Beckham nose job is sort of mystery. What do you think, did she have nose refinement?

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