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Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Among American actresses with plastic surgery, Vivica Fox is one of them. Vivica fox plastic surgery involves several plastic surgery procedures. Nose job, boob job, botox injection and lips augmentation are procedures she allegedly has. We doesn’t seem need her admission. Some plastic surgery footprints are can be seen easily on her face and on her body.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

However, no one will blame you if you don’t believe all of those procedures. Some procedures left only minor change. It certainly makes some people don’t believe Vivica Fox’s plastic surgery reports. Nose job and botox injection are procedures that are hard to prove. Repeating earlier sentence, these procedures left slight change, it’s specifically on her.., well, nose and face skin.

Even if she took it, her nose specialist must have performed minor nose surgery. In other words, Vivica Fox may have undergone mini Rhinoplasty (nose job). Small work is also applied on Botox injection. We maybe don’t see something suspicious on her face skin, except it is maybe too smooth and too flawless for her age. Fox is 51 years old. Don’t you think her face is younger than it should?

Another injection is also in her lips. Unlike previous procedures, the result of lips injection is easier to see. Vivica Fox before and after picture shows it. We can’t hold ourselves from saying that her lips are fuller than before, can we? Vivica may want something to enhance her lips appearance. Like Kerry Washington, lips filler is the best answer for their needs.

Vivica Fox Boob Job

Vivica Fox Before and After Boob Job Photo

Next procedure, boob job, is even easier to see. Although Vivica has had big boobs since she was younger but hers today are bigger, rounder than before. Some might say “push-up bra can make such effect”, well, yes it could. But as many say, Vivica’s boobs were enhanced via surgeon’s knife. Vivica Fox may have gotten breast implants.

Breast implants simply make her boobs changing, it is both in its size and shape. Do you think Vivica appears sexier with her 36D cup size?

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