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Tom Cruise’s Alleged Plastic Surgery Before And After

Tom Cruise, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the last twenty years, is a famous American born actor, producer and prominent Scientologist. If you haven’t been keeping up with the star lately, here’s some info you may not know about him.



He first graced our screens way back in 1981 with the film Endless Love, and since then he has gone on to star in Risky Business, Top Gun and Legend and War of the Worlds. Whilst he hasn’t always been revered for his skills (in 1988 he was nominated for the Razzie Award for Worst Actor), his career is still going strong.

In 2014 he starred in Edge of Tomorrow, a Science fiction action film about invading aliens in which Tom Cruise plays a public relations officer who ends up stuck in groundhog day style time loop where he must go back to the battle that killed him every time he dies.

His latest film, Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation, only came out last year. Tom Cruise has played the reoccurring role of Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible films since 1996. All things considered, Tom Cruise’s career hasn’t lost its mojo with age and he is still up there with the other big film names.

As well as being a famous actor, Tom Cruise is also a producer. Way back in 1993, Cruise joined forces with his former talent agent Paula Wagner and together they formed Cruise/Wagner Productions. The company’s fist film was Mission Impossible, which Cruise produced and starred in.

In November 2006, Tom Cruise took over the film studio United Artists with partner Paula Wagner. United Artists, the production company originally formed by Charlie Chaplin and others back in 1919. Wagner left United Artists a few years after, and Cruise remained a small stakeholder until 2011.

In total, Tom Cruise has acted in 34 films and produced 17. His career has run for over 30 years and has no plans to retire any time soon.

Relationships, Scientology And Controversy


Tom Cruise has been the subject of controversy for some time, due partly to his failed relationships with Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes and the rumours of homosexuality that each failed marriage keeps reinforcing.

Whilst there is a lot of speculation and not enough evidence regarding Tom Cruises relationships, his treatment of his wives and alleged homosexuality have been in the public eye for years. When Tom Cruise was satirised on the popular TV comedy South Park, he is shown hiding in Stans closet after the boy, who in the episode is named the reincarnation of the leader of Scientology, tells him his acting skills are “only okay”.

This is a clear play on the idea that Cruise is gay, especially as all the characters keep asking him to “get out of the closet”. There have also been rumours (although no one knows how true they are) that Tom Cruise and Grease star John Travolta have been gay lovers for over thirty years.

John Travolta is another prominent scientologist and they have definitely spent a lot of time together in the past, and apparently when they both went to a scientology course they became quite close. Mimi Rogers, Cruises first ex wife, made a statement after the divorce which basically said Cruise wasn’t interested in sex at all, which could mean that he wasn’t interested in her sexually because she was a woman. The Church of Scientology also allegedly thinks it can cure homosexuality, so maybe Cruise is a bit messed up from that. Tom Cruise has denied all rumours, and has actually sued newspapers who have suggested it in the past.

Failed marriages

Tom Cruise has been married three times; the first marriage was to Mimi Rogers back in 1987 but the marriage broke up in only thee years. Next Cruise married Nicole Kidman, which seems like a more successful marriage but ended after eleven years. Cruises most recent marriage was to Katie Holmes whom he married in 2006, but sadly the couple divorced in 2012. There have been rumours that Cruise is getting married to someone new, but those have yet to be confirmed.

Life with Tom Cruise can’t be easy because the man is very, very into Scientology. All his wives had to join the church, have a Scientologist wedding and then live within the teachings of the church regardless if they actually wanted to be a part of it, and we know that Nicole in particular had a lot of problems with the church and this is a least partly why they divorced. There are rumours that the head of scientology hated Nicole and made Cruise divorce her, although of course this has never been confirmed. There is also the strange fact that all of Tom Cruises marriages ended by the time the wife was 33. Is that a coincidence? Who knows, but it’s strange.

Scientology is a massive part of the deal for any prospective Mrs Cruise, and this doesn’t just apply to the wives either, but to the children as well. Any children one of Cruise’s wives has with the actor will be heavily influenced by Scientology, and indeed one of his daughters recently had her own Scientologist wedding. This is a big commitment for someone whose not a believer, because the Church’s approach to self help, philosophy and life in general is controversial to say the least.

The Church of Scientology is very powerful, and the rumours and accounts of the Churches treatment of those who criticise or leave are chilling. In short, marrying Tom Cruise isn’t just marrying Cruise, it’s also marrying Scientology. And that can’t be easy.


Scientology has been in the public eye for ages, and it is often condemned for its expensive progression stages and strange beliefs and has been subject to satire and documentary over the years, and as one of its most prominent members Cruise is often included in any backlash against Scientology.

There have been numerous documentaries, exposes and accounts that discuss the Churches controversial approach to self-help, their wacky science fiction-esque ideas and the Churches alleged hostility and violence towards anyone who denounces them. The fact that new members have to spend large amounts of money to ‘progress’, with the idea that the further you progress the more ‘enlightened’ and ‘cured’ you are has also made some people denounce the whole religion as a scam, that they find common issues that will effect most people and convince those people that they need help, and that Scientology is the only thing that can help them.

Plastic Surgery


Scientology isn’t the only controversial subject that has touched Tom Cruise. As the years go on people have started to speculate about Cruise’s perceived lack of ageing, and this inevitably has led to rumours that the famous actor has gone under the knife to preserve his looks.

Whilst such rumours tend to affect female actresses more than their male counterparts due to societies views on male and female ageing, more and more men are feeling the pressure to stay conventionally attractive for longer and thwart the ageing process. Cruise definitely wouldn’t be the first to resort to such measures; who can forget Michael Jacksons nose jobs?

Speculation around Cruises ageless face have been going on for years. Back in 2012 a renowned plastic surgery Doctor named Dr. Youn said he thought the actor must’ve gone through Botox, and if you look at photos of the actor over the decades you can see he has a point. Men may age at a visually slower rate than women on average, but Tom Cruise has a serious Dorian Gray thing going on. The guys in his fifties now, and his 30-something face can’t be natural.

Other plastic surgeons also have their suspicions. Dr Sultan Hassan has claimed that Althea he hasn’t personally treated Cruise he strongly suspects the star has had ‘botulinum toxin injections’, and he thinks Cruise had too many toxins injected which has given him an unnatural look. The cosmetic surgeon also said that dermal fillers are likely, because Tom Cruises cheeks look fuller.


The rumours were back earlier this year after Cruise was photographed at the EEBAFTA awards with a seemingly altered face. It’s looking a lot puffier than it used to, almost bloated in fact. You could put it down to weight gain except for the fact that the actors in famously good shape and it’s pretty hard to only put weight onto your face. The surgery, according to fans, was not a success. Many people were upset that Cruise had ‘ruined’ his looks, and a lot of people felt he looked a lot better before.

Fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions on Cruises new face, with one rather nasty comments comparing Cruise to a Hamster in a Tuxedo. The Sun newspaper also reported that earlier this year Cuba Gooding Jr confirmed that Cruise has had plastic surgery, claiming that he went to the actor’s house and saw he had a load of dots all over his face. Cruise declined to comment on the nature of the dots, but he has previously denied any surgery or any interest in having surgery. In an interview with Playboy magazine back in 2012, Cruise put his youthful appearance down to working out and a healthy lifestyle, but can we really believe that?

No one could determine exactly what the star has had done to his face, whether it was a face lift, Botox or a side effect of natural ageing, but of course that doesn’t stop us speculating. There have been sources who claimed Tom Cruise spent around $50,000 to extract fat from his body and put it into his face, although that was never confirmed.

Something else to note here is that although the star is now 53 years old, he doesn’t have many facial lines. He has a few (if he had none we wouldn’t even be speculating, we’d know for sure), but not as many as someone his age would probably have. Of course as a Hollywood star he would be able to afford the best skin care money can buy, but would that be enough? With plastic surgery so readily available is it really that hard to believe that Cruise wanted a little help to maintain his looks? Even if the other rumours are false he has at the very least probably had a few Botox injections.

Whilst in theory plastic surgery is meant to make you look better, that’s often not the case. It’s fairly easy to spot excessive plastic surgery, and stars unfortunately don’t seem to know where to stop. Cruise looks okay now, but where will it end? It is very likely the star has had some work done, but the extent of it may always remain a mystery. Let’s all hope he took note from the backlash and isn’t planning on having any more work done in the near future.

Nose And Teeth SurgeryTom-Cruise-Nose-Job

Tom Cruise may have had a nose job. If you look at before and after photos of Cruise in the last few years and images of when he was younger, his nose does look different. Cruise never had a massive nose, but recent photos reveal a slimmer nose and a smaller tip whilst older photos show a wider, more natural looking nose.

Dr John Di Saia, a prolific plastic surgeon, has said that from looking at photos of Cruise when he was younger and comparing them with how he looks today, he believes that the star has had at least one nose job. Perhaps one nose job when he was younger and another more recently, but the experts have spoken and, according to them, Cruise’s face is brimming with cosmetic surgery.

There are also photos circulating of a younger Cruise with bad teeth. It’s not been confirmed if these photos are genuine, but if they are it is almost certain the star had his teeth done. As a child he definitely had a few gaps, but there are also photos of him as a young adult with quite a snuggle tooth on him. He was pictured wearing adult braces in the early 2000s, but it’s likely he had some work done prior to that.Tom-Cruise-Teeth-Surgery

Americans are famous worldwide for their perfect teeth, and Hollywood is full of straight and sparkling teeth. Stars are very unlikely to keep their un-attractive features that are easily fixed, and with all that money they can thwart nature and buy the perfect teeth very easily. So if Cruise did have bad teeth it’s very, very likely that he had them sorted as soon as he could.

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