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Sean Penn Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Pictures

Sean Penn Plastic Surgery

Sean Penn Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Sean Penn is just another American actor who put his name on celebrity plastic surgery list. Effect of procedures he underwent can be seen clearly in many Before and After pictures of him. Like in some pictures below, 55-year-old actor looks different than before. Sean Penn plastic surgery involves at least two procedures.

Beside botox injection that he himself has admitted, sign of of eyelid surgery is too obvious to deny. Result of the two procedures is enough to create an unusual, unnatural face of Sean Penn.

As Sean Penn’s before and after plastic surgery pictures show us, his recent face skin appears far brighter than before. It’s not natural, though. His doctor had certainly injected the botox in large amount. By judging his face it seems that Botox has been injected throughout his face.

However, unlike many other celebrities who injected Botox crazily in forehead, Sean Penn didn’t obsessed with flawless, wax-like forehead. We still can see frown and aging lines on his forehead easily.

We would agree that Sean Penn looks different after Botox existed in his face. And if you find that he is too different it could be coming from his eyelids. As we see in the comparison photos, his eyelids are factor that supports Sean’s unnaturalness. Actor who played in the Dead Man Walking and Milk also shows significant change on his eyelids.

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Sean Penn Plastic Surgery Picture

Sean Penn Before and After Botox Photo

Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) is a procedure that can give such change. We can see his eyelids, especially the upper ones appear with different fold. He may have wanted to make his eyes to appear fresher and younger. As we know, works on eyes area such as eyelid surgery, eyelift, and browlift could disguise age by eliminating baggy eyes look.

But, do you think the eyelid surgery works on him? With the overdone Botox Sean Penn certainly lost his natural face? What do you think about Sean Penn plastic surgery?

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