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Amy Brenneman Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Pictures

Amy Brenneman Plastic Surgery

Amy Brenneman Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Result of Amy Brenneman plastic surgery is quite obvious. Sign of doctor involvement can be seen on her face. American actress who portrayed Detective Janice Licalsi in the series NYPD Blue (1993–1994) could hide her stiff face. Some contour change on face also strengthens the possible filler issue.

Let’s see what happened to her face skin first. As Amy Brenneman plastic surgery pictures capture, she has flawless face today. Flawless face may be good for a 52 years old woman, but it is not too good when it appears frozen. Compared to Amy Brenneman’s face in the past hers today is unnaturally smoother and brighter.

Amy Brenneman’s Botox is the main cause. Just like many other celebrities she has also injected the Botox exceeding normal amount. She may also inject the Botox repeatedly. As result she appears with stiff, porcelain-like face which is not good for her. What do you think?

Beside botox, Amy Brenneman plastic surgery also involved dermal filler injection. This American actress, writer, producer appears with unusual change on at least her cheek lines. The change is subtle, though. And if you think she doesn’t show any changes you could be true.

Amy Brenneman Botox

Amy Brenneman Botox, Filler Photo

Amy Brenneman may have taken dermal filler to maintain her cheeks shape. The filler certainly adds volume to her cheeks, make it possible to delay sagging looks there. She is over 50 and we can’t blame her if she needs injectable facial fillers like Juvederm, Restylane or maybe collagen.

And compared to the botox result, the filler has certainly given better effect. It makes Amy to appear fresher and younger. What do you think about Amy Brenneman plastic surgery result? Do you think it helps enhancing her face appearance? You may give your comment in the comment box bellow.

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