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Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Back in 2015, Uma Thurman plastic surgery was one of the most shocking, and it is still. Thurman’s new face first appeared when she attended premiere miniseries The Slap on February 9, 2015, in New York City. Her face was so different that invited people’s comments. Well, most comments were not the good ones. Many think that Uma Thurman has lost her naturally beautiful face, replacing it with a bad one.

From Uma Thurman Before and After plastic surgery pictures we can see drastic change on her face. Do you think such an extreme change caused by natural or normal factors such as aging or makeup? If you think so then many plastic surgery experts have different view. As many people and even experts believe, Uma Thurman has undergone several excessive plastic surgery procedures.

Uma Thurman plastic surgery is mostly performed around her eyes area. Here she is highly believed to have had eyelift or eyelid surgery and browlift. Well, by seeing recent appearance of Thurman we can say that those procedures have been performed too far. As a result, Uma Thurman has scary eyes look. Her eyelids even appear asymmetrical.

Some other procedures such as facelift and jaw surgery are also possible. We can see that her face looks unnaturally tight. Star of film Kill Bill may have pulled her face via facelift and combined it with some fillers. Meanwhile jaw surgery is another thing that changes Uma Thurman’s face contour.

As cited from, an American plastic surgery expert, Dr. Leonard Tachmes told about the possibility of those procedures on Uma Thurman.

Based on the images I have seen, Uma appears to have undergone a face and neck lift surgery, upper and lower blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and possible brow lift. The skin and soft tissue of the face and jowls have been thinned and pulled upwards towards her ears and sideways to the neck. Her face has taken on a more V shaped appearance.”

Uma Thurman Facelift

Uma Thurman Facelift Before & After Photo

That’s a clear clue from the expert. However, there are also some who didn’t see Uma Thurman plastic surgery as a truth. Another American cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Victoria Karlinsky told that makeup is the answer behind Uma Thurman change.

Whoever the makeup artist was — they can really change her look with the stroke of a brush. If she had a facelift or other work, there would be a telltale sign.”

So, what did Uma Thurman say about her “new face”? 45-year-old American actress didn’t openly admit her plastic surgery. Thanks to the word “makeup”, things are getting weirder.

I know, I look weird. I guess nobody liked my makeup.”

Now, what are your words about Uma Thurman plastic surgery? We couldn’t deny that most recent appearance of her is better than it in 2015. But still it is unnatural. Do you agree?

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